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  The Governing Body introduced the 2016 Municipal Budget on Monday March 21, 2016 that will result in an average $29.00 decrease to the Edgewater property owner compared to last year.  Remember, when you receive your tax bill, it includes three taxing entities, municipal, schools, and county.  The total appropriations for budget year 2015 were $26,740,532, a 1.64% increase from the previous year.  The total appropriations for budget year 2016 will be 28,051,926, a 4.67% increase from the 2015 budget year.  The tax levy, or the amount to be raised in taxes in 2015 was $21,173,819, an increase of $793,888 or 3.90%.  The 2016 tax levy will only increase $362,954, or 1.71% from the previous year.  Some of the main appropriation increases are salaries and wages at $136,024, $70,500 for insurances, $47,000 for utilities, the mandatory library contribution of $74,590, pension payments of $97,383 whereby the state continues to defer their mandatory payments however towns must still make there’s, public safety expenses of $59,320, and $320,000 for reserve for uncollected taxes, the amount we need to budget in consideration of taxpayers who do not pay taxes on time. The Mayor and Council are always aggressively looking at ways to reduce cost.  This year, the Mayor and Council negotiated with our employees, a change in health care providers, that will result in a potential savings of close to 20% from the previous year, savings realized by the Borough, savings realized to the employee, since all employees now contribute to the cost of medical insurance, and savings that gets passed on to the taxpayer.  Edgewater was fortunate enough to receive state fiscal aid in the amount of $750,731, the same amount as last year; this money will go directly to tax relief, or less the amount needed to be raised by taxes.  On the typical residential property assessment of $460,245 the average amount of municipal taxes to be paid will be $3,523, a $29.00 decrease from the amount paid last year.  A public hearing on the introduced budget will tentatively be scheduled for May 16. To view the 2016 Budget click here.
   Blue Stork Pin Award given to Edgewater Police Officers




Letter to the public regarding the Board of Adjustment application at 615 River Road