Snow Procedures

Snow Notice
Important notice to all residents and commercial properties:
  • Your cooperation is needed during snowfall events to help the Borough keep the streets plowed and available for emergency vehicles, as well as pedestrian and vehicular traffic. If vehicles are parked illegally, they will receive summonses and if not removed they will be subject to being towed.
2 green snow plow trucks
Disposing of Snow

 At no time is snow to be disposed of into the street from the property, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. All snow blowers should be directed to blow snow back onto the property.

After the streets are plowed and salted, snow deposited back into the roadway creates hazardous situations and causes additional plowing of the streets and blocking of parked vehicles and driveways after the original cleanup. Summonses could be issued for non-compliance.

All snow must be cleared within 24 hours after snow has stopped. 

Regulations are intended to make it easier for pedestrians to access sidewalks and bus shelters as well as restrict the placing of snow in any roadway or sidewalk right of way.  Ordinance 1462-2011 amending sections of chapter 380 – All sidewalks, walkways, handicapped ramps, staircases, shall be cleared to a width of 42” or the maximum width of the sidewalk, walkway, handicapped ramp or staircase.  No person, partnership, corporation, or other entity shall cause to permit any snow or ice accumulated within the boundaries of the property be deposited onto, upon, or in a manner as to limit access to any street, sidewalk, crosswalk, or other public property.  Fines will be issued of $50 to $150 for persons found in violation.  Remember that this ordinance also requires that snow and ice be removed within 24 hours of when the storm stops.  Also, the fire department reminds residents who live near a fire hydrant to please shovel around the hydrant and not cover the hydrant with snow.

Thank You!
We want to thank everyone for complying with these requests and following the ordinances, rules and regulations of the Borough of Edgewater.

Thank you for your cooperation.