FREE Vaccines and Pediatric Physical Exams

Available to Edgewater Residents


The Edgewater Health Department participates in the Vaccines for Children Program (VFC). We offer monthly visits with the pediatrician and free vaccines for children without health insurance or who have NJ Family Care part A. Each visit consists of a consultation with the Public Health Nurse and exam by a pediatrician. Included is medical education, referrals as needed, vision and hearing screening, and assorted assessments.

 What Does the VFC Program Offer Parents?
Vaccines at no cost for eligible children through VFC-enrolled doctors. Find out if your child qualifies. VFC helps ensure that all children have a better chance of getting their recommended vaccinations on schedule and that means healthier children, families, and communities. 

Who Is Eligible for the VFC Program?
Your child is eligible for the VFC Program if he or she is younger than 19 years of age and is one of the following:

  • Medicaid-eligible
  • Uninsured
  • American Indian or Alaska Native

 Please call or email for an appointment or more information 201 943-1700 ext 6004

Child Health Services

A Child Health Conference (CHC) is a place for you to bring your baby or young child to receive regular check-ups, immunizations, and other health services. A physician performs the physical exams and the public health nurse provides other services including lead screenings, nutritional counseling, and referrals.

These services are provided, at no charge, by the Health Department:

  • A physical exam by the doctor
  • Blood tests to check for anemia and lead poisoning
  • Immunizations to protect your child against a variety of serious childhood diseases such as polio, hepatitis B and measles
  • Screening tests for vision, hearing and/or speech problems

Privacy Officer

  • Linda Merse is the Privacy Officer, and is the person to contact for a copy of an ambulance report/medical records. Lmerse@EDGEWATERNJ.ORG 201-943-1700 ext.2121

School Audits

The Public Health Nurse is responsible for auditing all immunization record of all the public schools, private schools, and daycare centers in accordance with New Jersey State Department of Health regulation.

Adult Health Services

Free blood pressure screenings and adult health assessments. Please call 201-943-1700 ext 6004

Preventative health care is our priority, including client teaching regarding diseases and referrals as needed. Periodically during the year we provide vision and hearing screening. We also hold an annual flu vaccination clinic for all adult residents.

Communicable Diseases

The Public Health Nurse is responsible for extensive investigation and follow-up in accordance with New Jersey State Department of Health Regulations of all communicable diseases, such as hepatitis, salmonella, and human contact with rabies. All investigative work is confidentially maintained by the Public Health Nurses.