Boards & Commissions

  1. Board of Adjustments

    Get to know the members of the board of Adjustments and find out when they meet.

  2. Board of Health

    Take a look at the meeting schedules for the Board of Health as well as the members of the board.

  3. Edgewater Council

    Find out who is a member of the council, when they mean and what is on the agenda.

  4. Local Assistance Board

    Find out when the Local Assistance Board meets and who the board members are.

  5. Planning Board

    Get to know the members of the Planning Board and take a look at agendas for meetings to stay informed.

  6. Recreation Advisory Council

    Find out who are the members of the Recreation Advisory Council.

  7. Rent Leveling Board

    Find out when the Rent Leveling Board meets and who is on the board.

  8. Shade Tree Board

  9. Cultural & Historical Board