Mayor's Office

Mayor Michael McPartland

Mayor Michael J. McPartland, has been active in public affairs for much of his adult life in Edgewater, was sworn into office January 2, 2015.

Public service runs in the McPartland family.   His father Michael Joseph McPartland served for over 30 years on the police force, retiring as a lieutenant detective. His mother Theresa served as Edgewater Borough Clerk for 10 years.  Mayor McPartland was born in Edgewater and has stated,” I have no intentions of ever leaving Edgewater."

Only a few weeks after taking office, tragedy struck the luxury complex of the Avalon with many people losing their homes and all their belongings. Because of the strong leadership and organizational skills of Mayor Michael McPartland, there were no lives lost in the devastating inferno that permanently displaced 450 families. 

Mayor McPartland had a career on Wall Street, employed for many years as a “floor trader” dealing in oil options for Citigroup’s Global Markets.  He has acquired such respect in the financial world that he was a special guest on the Fox Business cable show “Countdown to the Closing Bell” with Liz Claman many times.  You can search the Fox Business website, to view some of the Mayor’s past appearances. He is now working for Bergen County.

As a youth, the Mayor excelled in several sports, especially wrestling, for which he received a scholarship to the University of Maryland. “The discipline in sports has helped me in life”, he says.  He likes to recall the advice his father gave him years ago, “Always finish the game!” 

Mayor McPartland is the founder of the Edgewater Wrestling Association, a non-profit community organization that provides local youth with athletic and wrestling training for high school.  He served as head coach of the program for over seven years.  At its peak, the Association was sending more than 20 children a year to summer camp at the US Military Academy at West Point.  

Mayor's Role

     The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the Borough, and as such presides over all public meetings, provides leadership in the development of community projects and makes appointments to various boards. The Borough Council exercises all legislative powers including adoption of the municipal budget, bond ordinances and the general business of the community.

     The Mayor of the community is elected for a 4-year term and serves part-time for a yearly salary. While the Mayor does not have a vote on the Council, he may vote in the case of a tie. 


Mayor McPartland's term expires in 2019     


Mayor Michael McPartland

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