How to become a police officer in the Borough of Edgewater

     The Borough of Edgewater is a Civil Service town and in order to be considered for a job as a police officer you must take the Civil Service test, Entry Level Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) and be placed on a list of candidates that the Edgewater Police to draw from. pertaining to this test, are located on the NJ State Civil service website at

     When a position becomes available a list of applicants is requested from the state and letters go out to  the top candidates.

     If the candidates are still interested they should come to the Edgewater Police Headquarters to complete an application for employment. Candidates are then interviewed, references checked, and background investigations are done, including fingerprinting and criminal history checks.

 The Borough of Edgewater is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Facts and answers to most questions on the test can be answered on the NJ State     website: