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All residents must pre-register to attend the July 20, 2020 virtual Mayor and Council Meeting by contacting the Borough Clerk’s Office at 201-943-1700 and dial extension 3135 or 3137 by 5:00 pm, Monday July 20, you will need to provide your; name, address, telephone, and email prior to being issued the log in information.

Mayors Statement Regarding 615/PILOT

Back in November, when the 615 settlement was announced, among the many items in the settlement was a proposed redevelopment agreement which referred to a future PILOT agreement when the 615 River Road apartments are constructed. The Borough brought in its Financial Planner, NW Financial, to review the plan and to negotiate the PILOT terms. Under the proposed PILOT agreement analysis done by the financial planner, the Borough could expect to receive approximately $150 million in payments during the first thirty years of the project whereas with traditional taxation, the Borough would receive about $86.5 million in taxes. In summary, the Borough receives nearly $64 million more in revenue under the PILOT agreement.

The Financial Agreement Associated with this site was part of a complex settlement of litigation that went on for years.  The Settlement Agreement, which had many terms and conditions including the proposed terms of the Financial Agreement, was published, discussed and adopted at a public meeting.  The terms of the Settlement which include the terms of the Financial Agreement are very beneficial to the municipality.  The Redeveloper will pay nearly $190 million of PILOT payments over the 30-year term of which nearly $150 million will be sent to the municipal budget.  After stabilization, the Redeveloper will pay between 80% and 100% of conventional taxes.  As the PILOT reduces the County share of the revenue to around 9% from 17%, the economics are very favorable to the municipal taxpayer.  As the municipality will be receiving over $60 million more than it would receive under conventional taxes, it will be able to assist the board of education during the term of the PILOT. The Borough plans on setting aside an appropriate proportional amount of funds for the Board of Education during the term of the PILOT.

The Council has repeatedly stated that it was its intention to share those funds, to the extent appropriate and allowable with the school system.  The school system, in addition to receiving those funds, will receive another benefit under the settlement agreement, that being the use of the western parcel of property upon which it is expected that they will build a new, state of the art school that will ensure the future success of the school system. That property is valued at between $12-$15 million dollars and will cost the school board and taxpayers nothing (ZERO DOLLARS) to acquire. We will receive the entire western portion of the property for our new school.

In addition, this agreement will allowed the Borough to settle its long and costly litigation with 615 River Road and additional court cases with the Fair Share Housing Center.  In the 615 settlement agreement the developer will be required to construct up to 200 affordable housing units which will allow Edgewater to have enough units to satisfy its constitutional obligation on affordable housing.

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Follow up from the “Coffee with the Mayor” Meeting

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Attendees:  Council President, Michael Henwood (filling in for Mayor McPartland who had a family commitment).  10 Edgewater residents.

Items discussed:  

Upcoming Census Oversight: 

A resident inquired into whether Edgewater was putting together a Census Oversight Committee similar to Fort Lee’s - to ensure that the Census count is accurate for a host of reasons that benefit Edgewater if correct, and negatively affect Edgewater if the Census Count is not correct. 

Follow up: On Wednesday, February 12, 2019 at 5:00pm at the Edgewater Borough Hall Conference Room, there will be a presentation by Steven Bednar, our US Census Partnership Specialist who will do a presentation on the formation of Edgewater’s Complete Count Committee (CCC).  Everyone is encouraged to attend and join the committee.  More details posted on

Edgewater Municipal Website:

A resident inquired, and several other residents agreed that the Borough Website is difficult to navigate and locate items on the calendar pages.

Follow up: Borough Administrator Greg Franz and the Borough Web administrator have been working with the original Web Design Company since late last year on a new release of the website with easier navigation tabs that get you quicker and easier to the desired information needed.  In addition, there will be new emphasis on calendar content for complete meeting and activity listings.  Look for the new release soon.


General condition of residential sidewalks throughout the Borough:

Follow up: The Borough Administrator has put together a public service notice/announcement to all home owners and businesses of the requirement that they maintain the sidewalks along their property in good order.  In addition, during the repaving of Borough streets via the Community Development Block Grant funding, some sidewalks may be addressed however, repair and maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner.


Video Taping of Council Meetings:

Follow up: The live feed or taping of Council Meetings is discussed by the Council often.  Quite frankly, the reason most adjacent towns do not provide any taping options is not a function of cost, but the ability to secure content from being manipulated and posted inaccurately on Social Media etc.  That being said, the Mayor and Council have agreed to review the current available options and discuss over the next couple of months.


Thank you,

Michael Henwood

Council President

A Statement from Mayor McPartland regarding 615...

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“Mayor McPartland helps decorate the Edgewater Holiday Tree at the Bergen County “Winter Wonderland” at Van Saun Park in Paramus.

edgewater tree 2

Getting things done in Business & Moving projects forward in Edgewater... Mayor McPartlad was interviewed by Liz Claman on the Fox Business Network show Countdown to the Closing Bell.

Liz Claman Interview with Mayor

Mayor Michael McPartland welcomed Bergen County Executive James Tedesco and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto to Edgewater today April 7, 2017 as they announced legislation to improve construction codes in response to the Avalon fires in Edgewater and Maplewood.  Assemblyman Prieto along with Assemblywoman Jimenez and Assemblyman Eustace will be sponsoring legislation to require fire sprinklers in all areas of a building including the non-livable areas such as attics and crawl spaces as well as masonry fire walls.  
Full Video of the press conference can be seen on the borough FaceBook page:

​Councilman  Bartolomeo  attends the ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the 1 year Anniversary for Block Advisors  at 725 River Road, Edgewater Marketplace.
Ribbon Cutting Block Advisors 2

Read Mayor McPartland's article in the "Initiation by Fire "  in the New Jersey League Municipalities March edition by clicking the picture below... Initiation by Fire2016 MUNICIPAL BUDGET

The Governing Body introduced the 2016 Municipal Budget on Monday March 21, 2016 that will result in an average $29.00 decrease to the Edgewater property owner compared to last year.  Remember, when you receive your tax bill, it includes three taxing entities, municipal, schools, and county.  The total appropriations for budget year 2015 were $26,740,532, a 1.64% increase from the previous year.  The total appropriations for budget year 2016 will be 28,051,926, a 4.67% increase from the 2015 budget year.  The tax levy, or the amount to be raised in taxes in 2015 was $21,173,819, an increase of $793,888 or 3.90%.  The 2016 tax levy will only increase $362,954, or 1.71% from the previous year.  Some of the main appropriation increases are salaries and wages at $136,024, $70,500 for insurances, $47,000 for utilities, the mandatory library contribution of $74,590, pension payments of $97,383 whereby the state continues to defer their mandatory payments however towns must still make there’s, public safety expenses of $59,320, and $320,000 for reserve for uncollected taxes, the amount we need to budget in consideration of taxpayers who do not pay taxes on time. The Mayor and Council are always aggressively looking at ways to reduce cost.  This year, the Mayor and Council negotiated with our employees, a change in health care providers, that will result in a potential savings of close to 20% from the previous year, savings realized by the Borough, savings realized to the employee, since all employees now contribute to the cost of medical insurance, and savings that gets passed on to the taxpayer.  Edgewater was fortunate enough to receive state fiscal aid in the amount of $750,731, the same amount as last year; this money will go directly to tax relief, or less the amount needed to be raised by taxes.  On the typical residential property assessment of $460,245 the average amount of municipal taxes to be paid will be $3,523, a $29.00 decrease from the amount paid last year.  A public hearing on the introduced budget will tentatively be scheduled for May 16. 

Mayor & Council 2016

M & C 2016

Mayor McPartland attends ribbon cutting ceremony at Bagels & More

Mayor ribbon cutting ceremony at Bagels n More

 Mayor McPartland speaks at business breakfast meeting at City Place January 21st 2016Mayor speaks at business breakfast meeting at City Place January 21

Mayor McPartland acts as a moderator for a discussion on New Jersey building and fire codes at the 2015 New Jersey State League of Municipalities Conference.

Mayor McPartland at League of Municipalities
Mayor speaking at League of Municipalities

Bergen County Clerk, John S Hogan at the Oct. 19th Mayor & Council Meeting with a presentation to Mayor Michael McPartland of a poster containing reproductions of historic documents, from the Borough of Edgewater.

Mayor McPartland and John Hogan

Veterans Day Service Nov. 11, 2015

veterans day 1
veterans day 2
veterans day 3

Fire Chiefs Dinner 2015