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October 11, 2018 9:29 AM

New Parking Signage with New Regulations to be posted throughout town*

Borough Officials have been diligently working to improve the resident parking availability throughout town.

You will start to see new signage posted with new regulations town wide to improve parking availability for our residents while at the same time restricting parking that is being used by out of town vehicles whose owners utilize our public transportation system for an easy commute into New York. In conjunction with new parking regulations, we are implementing a license plate reading system for enforcement that electronically determines the difference between resident vehicles and out of town vehicles. Residents will be able to register vehicles on-line for ease and efficiency. Shortly, we will be notifying residential complexes to ensure they provide adequate onsite parking for their residents as is prescribed by authorized developers agreements and local ordinance. We are confident that with the changes in parking regulations as well as improved enforcement capabilities, more resident parking will be available.

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