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Letter from The Chief - January 2011
Dear Edgewater Residents,
Welcome to the Edgewater Police Department website. Over the past few years there have been many changes and events, both in Edgewater and in our Country. Edgewater continues to grow and bring in new stores, restaurants and of course residents. The Edgewater Police and Municipal Offices have moved to our new location, 55 River Road, and are making use of both the much needed room and the updated technical equipment to better serve our community. Items such as our new radio system for better communications for emergency services, a new 911 system, and our Swift Reach system to alert residents of important information (as seen with Hurricane Sandy) just to name a few.

The Edgewater Police Department is currently comprised of 27 sworn Officers and 4 Class 1 Special Officers. This year, 2013, 2 new recruits have been added and will be attending the Police Academy in middle of January. The Police Department also oversees 25 School Crossing Guards, 5 which were just added to accommodate the opening of the new George Washington School and 9 Paid Emergency Medical Technicians.

In the wake of current events the Edgewater Police have been and will remain in close contact and continued discussions with our School Superintendent Kerry Postma and George Washington School Principle Chris Kirkby to ensure the safety and secure environment for our children in the schools. The Department also works with the Multi-Plex Theater and our various shopping malls to ensure the safety of all those who visit and shop.

The Edgewater Police are a dedicated and professional group of Officers who demonstrate time and time again that they are here to Protect and Serve the Community. I look forward to the challenges that future will bring as Chief of Police.

Any questions or concerns I can be reached at 201-943-2200, ext. 2112 or by email.

Chief William Skidmore
Edgewater Police Department 
Chief Skidmore

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