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On August 7th 2018 the Edgewater Volunteer Fire Department responded to a working fire. Upon arrival the fire department extinguished a fire on the first floor. During the search of the second floor the FD came across the cat that the family reported was still inside. Fire Department immediately removed the cat from the fire and administered air from the Fire Departments SCBA followed by Oxygen from EMS. The cat was in serious distress so he was transported to the Edgewater Animal Hospital by the Edgewater Police where they cared for him and stabilized him.

His next 24 Hours is critical in a full recovery. The Edgewater Volunteer Fire Department is looking for donations to pay for his care at the Oradell Animal Hospital where they will continue his treatment as recommended by the Edgewater Animal Hospital.

All his care so far today has been donated by the Edgewater Animal Hospital. Oradell Animal Hospital is donating the rest of his care.

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